Types of Fabricated Sign Letters

At Letragrafic Signs, we specialise in designing and installing perhaps the widest range of fabricated sign letters in Melbourne and the surrounding area. Our options include the following:

3D Letters

3D letters for Melbourne businesses and organisations jump up and grab attention in ways that two-dimensional signs simply cannot. We’re capable of delivering letters in any size or shape necessary for your signage needs.

Fabricated Letters

Our fabricated letters can be made from a wide range of materials, from acrylic to glass to timber to metal, and are ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Fabricated letters for Melbourne area use ensure visibility in all situations, and we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality solutions for all clients.

Fabricated LED Letters

Melbourne area clients love our fabricated 3D letters – they provide dramatic visibility, consume less energy than other lighted sign options, and the bulbs last for years with little to no maintenance required.

Fabricated Signs

Fabricated signage for our Melbourne area clientele can be completely customised to meet virtually any needs in terms of aesthetics, size/scale, and colouration or installation location. From one-off jobs to chain stores, we can supply custom fabricated signage.

Illuminated Signs

Illuminated signage for Melbourne customers are typically produced using LED lighting, conventional bulbs, fluorescent tubes, LED tubes and neon. We custom design illuminated signs for our clients to ensure they meet all of your needs.

LED Letters

Looking for something that combines LED technology with a different form factor? Our LED letters for our Melbourne area customers do all that and more. For example,LED channel letters and other LED displays offer an amazing range of colour choices and can be used indoors and out.

Acrylic Letters

Acrylic letters are durable, affordable and can be customised in a variety of styles, sizes and colours to fit your business’s needs. Letragrafic Signs provide laser/ router cut and 3D fabricated hollow acrylic letters, with the option of LED illumination.

Channel Letters

Channel letters in Melbourne come in several different forms, including incandescent channel letters, LED channel letters, open face neon channel letters, marquee style signs, front lit channel letter, rear illuminated channel letters and more.

Open Face Channel Letters

Stylish and sleek, open face channel letters can be vintage, retro or futuristic, customised to meet your needs in terms of display brightness, size and colour.

Halo Illuminated Letters

Give your sign a touch of class with halo illuminated letters. Stylish and bold yet understated and elegant, there are few options like these.

Metal Letters

Letragrafic Signs is proud to offer customisable stainless steel letters, aluminium letters, brass letters and copper letters for our discerning Melbourne clients.

Timber Letters

Timber letters encompass a broad range of options, from 3D timber signs to lightboxes, raw or painted timber letters, display units and exhibition signage, all carefully constructed from real timber and custom designed for your branding and signage needs.

Neon Signs

Nothing catches the eye quite like a neon sign. We can offer neon signage for Melbourne area clients designed specifically for you, for use inside, in windows and outside your business.

To view our wide range of neon signs, please visit www.neonsignage.com.au

Front& Side Lit Letters

Our LED front and side lit letters combine cutting-edge technology with excellence in custom design and construction. Front lit letters deliver significant visibility and style, while side lit letters offer a more subdued appearance without completely sacrificing illumination.

Illumimax 3D Letters

Our customised Illumimax face lit letters transform 3D signs into brilliant displays of artistry and beauty. They’re also immensely durable and long lasting. In our unique design, each LED module is encased in resin to create a sealed circular unit suitable for interior or exterior use and IP66 rated. These units are pushed through the face of each letter to create a protruding 180-degree half-sphere of illumination. Colour options with our Illumimax 3D letters include:

  • White
  • Blue
  • Warm White
  • Amber
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Orange
  • Red’

3D Signs

3D signs for Melbourne customers ensure that you have a full three-dimensional sign for your establishment. We offer acrylic, metal, timber and LED 3D signs to meet a variety of needs, including pylon signs, and custom lightboxes. Other options include:

  • Warehouse/factory signs
  • Exhibition & tradeshow signage
  • Department store signage
  • Shopping centre signs
  • Supermarket signs
  • Airport signs
  • Crane signage
  • TAFE & university signage
  • School &educational department signage
  • Government signs
  • Aged care facility signage
  • Restaurant & hospitality signage
  • Hotel & apartment signage
  • Employment agencies signage
  • Franchise/chain store signs
  • Healthcare, medical & emergency services signage
  • And the list goes on!

LED Signs

LED signs for Melbourne area installation provide a wide range of capabilities. For instance,they can be configured to display customised automated messages, and they save on power consumption while providing dramatic long life. Customizable, programmable, scrolling message LED signs delivery enormous return on investment.
We’re also proud to offer LED solutions for a broad range of needs, requirements and applications, including:

  • Stadium signage, including scoreboards
  • Cinema solutions, from box office displays to snack and food advertising to integrated ticketing
  • Airport solutions for check-in and gate information, baggage collection, flight information displays and more
  • Finance solutions to provide live stock prices, exchange rate information and more
  • Full colour video displays and scoreboards for a range of applications, from entertainment venues to sports teams and stadiums

At Letragrafic Signs, we’re proud to deliver a complete range of fabricated sign letters for our Melbourne area customers. Whether you’re interested in LED technology, unique 3D marquee letters, or our Illumimax system, we can help. Contact us today at info@letragrafic.com.au.